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Animal welfare council launched

Breaking News: International Animal Rescue (Malta) reports that the council for animal welfare in Malta (of which IAR(M) are a member) has entered into a joint venture with the Ministry of Environment to produce a number of prime time TV adverts highlighting animal abuse in Malta. Each advert will be a joint venture between the Ministry and the council of animal welfare of Malta.

The animal welfare act of Malta, which became a law some months ago, states that there should be a national council for animal welfare to advise, amongst other things, the minister on animal welfare issues.

Among those sitting on this committee are two members from the animal groups of Malta. The Minister for the environment and rural affairs, Dr. George Pullicino, decided to choose the Coalition for Animal Welfare as one of the groups to sit on this committee.

The five founder members of the Coalition are: International Animal Rescue (Malta), Nature Trust, World animal Conscious, Island Sanctuary, and the Cat Care Association. Other societies who attended the animal welfare conference were invited to be part of the foundation of the Malta Animal Rights Coalition.

Following the appointment of the council, the Coalition is to meet and choose its representative on the council, as well as appoint other representatives to work on specific tasks. Max Farrugia from IAR (Malta) will be responsible for co-ordinating the work between the coalition and the police, with whom it has an excellent working relationship.

International Animal Rescue already had talks with the Coalition some months ago. Discussion took place between the two groups to set up a neutering programme on the island. A detailed report was presented to the Veterinary Services in Malta.