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More animals confiscated by the Malta Police

The Administrative Law Enforcement division of the Malta Police recently raided a private home in Hamrun and confiscated 17 song birds. Prosection of the owner is expected in the next few days. The birds are now in our Bird Hospital in Malta where they are being cared for and rehabilitated until their release back in the wild.

On the same day, the Malta Police directed by Inspector Alex Miruzzi confiscated a green monkey illegally imported from Libya, with an estimated market value of 500 pounds sterling. The animal was found in the luggage of a Lybian tourist, wrapped in a t-shirt with his limbs tied. The tourist was succesfully prosecuted, fined 600 sterling pounds and incarcerated for nine days. The magistrate on duty took into consideration the cruelty involved. The monkey is now in quarantine at the Department of Rural Affairs.