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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

Special book offer!

'Fatal Flight'by Natalino Fenech, with a foreword by David Bellamy.

Annual figures for Malta show that 3 million finches are trapped, while over half a million thrushes, 500,000 swallows, 80,000 golden orioles, 18,000 shearwaters and 50,000 birds of prey are shot out of the sky each year.

In Malta it is illegal to own a wild bird, dead or alive. But these birds aren’t eaten, they are stuffed so the hunters can show them off to each other.

IAR has been working to stop this illegal obsession. This book helps to document the vast numbers of birds involved and the methods of trapping and shooting used to kill them.

We are now offering 'Fatal Flight' at the special price of £7 (including P&P). Please make cheques payable to 'International Animal Rescue' and order your copy by contacting us at:

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