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Carrie Colliss, IAR Development Director, visits the USA

16th October 2003

Carrie Colliss, VP fund development, has just returned from a visit to the USA. Carrie has been working hard to develop our fundraising appeals and International Animal Rescue, US as an IRS recognised non-profit is registered to solicit donations in all US states. Carrie had an excellent trip and... read more »

IAR funds major whale and dolphin tagging project

12th October 2003

International Animal Rescue has worked very closely with British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) for years and our UK office runs the administration for BDMLR. The directors of BDMLR have been concerned for a long time that some of the whales and dolphins they rescue may not survive. Up to now we... read more »

Aura updates our website from Kerala

11th October 2003

Aura Beckhöfer-Fialho, our very own web designer, has decided that creating and updating our website was only the beginning of the help she was prepared to give us. Aura has worked as a volunteer for IAR Goa and Kerala in the past, but decided that sitting at a desk in London was not for her. She... read more »

More expansion in Agra

26th September 2003

The expansion at the Agra bear rescue facility continues. The facility now houses 38 adult bears and 6 cubs making a grand total of 44 bears. This is a great step forward when considering that we had no bears at all at the end of last year. The six cubs have been seized on anti-poaching patrols and... read more »

NGOs condemn importation of dolphins to Malta

4th September 2003

Six non-governmental organisations (NGOs) - Catcare Association, Island Sanctuary, Nature Trust, International Animal Rescue (Malta), World Animal Conscience and Moviment Graffiti - have condemned the importation of the last six dolphins that arrived in Malta last Sunday. "These dolphins were... read more »

More animals confiscated by the Malta Police

30th August 2003

The Administrative Law Enforcement division of the Malta Police recently raided a private home in Hamrun and confiscated 17 song birds. Prosection of the owner is expected in the next few days. The birds are now in our Bird Hospital in Malta where they are being cared for and rehabilitated until... read more »

Lm30,000 worth of bird and mammal skins seized

27th August 2003

Breaking News: Earlier today, we had a tip off that the Police and Customs officers were about to seize hundreds of birds being imported into Malta. This morning we spoke to the Police Inspector in Malta congratulating him on the arrests. Max Farrugia (our Chairman in Malta) sees this as the... read more »


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