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National campaign to neuter stray cats

Two maltese catsInternational Animal Rescue (UK), together with the members of the Malta Coalition for Animal Welfare, presented the Maltese authorities with a plan to start a mass neutering campaign in Malta to try to alleviate the huge problem of stray cats in Malta.

Alan Knight had talks in Malta both with the coalition and the veterinary services in Malta and presented a detailed plan of the work, which was to be carried out by foreign vets free of charge. However, the reaction from the veterinary services in Malta was not promising. Following the departure of Alan Knight, the coalition held talks but could not reach agreement. The vets in Malta objected to the presence of the foreign vets. Meetings were held with the Minister of Agriculture who is responsible for animal welfare but still no agreement was reached. The coalition continued to press and lobby on the issue and finally it was decided that the local vets would neuter a number of cats free of charge with the help of the coalition.

Stray cat taking in the sunAn agreement has been reached that members of the coalition, mainly from the Cat Care Group, will trap and take the cats to the vets, who will neuter the cats and then the cats will be released once more in their colonies. If it were not for the step taken by IAR there would have been a stalemate. However, as it is the Cat Care Group will have to pay for each and every stray cat neutered. The coalition needs equipment to trap the cats, and also restrainers and carrying bags. We would be delighted to receive equipment from anyone who would like to help.