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Goa: Onwards and Upwards!

17th December 2003

Jemma Sadler reports on volunteering in Goa. I heard about International Animal Rescue and Animal Tracks whilst in Scotland back in May assisting in a project to stop the culling of hedgehogs. As soon as I heard about it I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in. I haven’t traveled very... read more »

Kerala High Court to lift ban on killing stray dogs

15th December 2003

It is with great distress that we learned earlier this month of the interim order to lift the ban on killing stray dogs in Kerala. Up until December 2003, the killing of stray dogs in Kerala had been illegal, but due to public pressure, a petition was filed in Cochin with the High Court of Kerala... read more »

Cat sterilisation trip to Spain

10th December 2003

International Animal rescue in conjunction with C.A.T.S. sent a 5 person team to the Torreveija region of Spain between the 21st and 28th November 2003. The team consisted of Liz Varney, Alan Knight, Billy Thompson (trappers), Layla Spinks (vet nurse) and Candice Buchannon MRCVS. The operation was... read more »

Cat sterilisation trip to Ireland

3rd December 2003

County Mayo, Southern Ireland (28 October – 3 November 2003) Maureen O’Mally-Gibbons of Mayo Cat Rescue (MCR) sent in a letter to us to see if we could help with a problem they were experiencing with feral cats on remote farms. The way the letter was written showed that Maureen was a committed cat... read more »

Kerala: Animal cruelty case registered to go to court

15th November 2003

In July, an adult male dog came into our care following a phone call to our rescue centre in Kerala. He had been left to die, his muzzle tightly held shut with a piece of material. We did not know at the time whether he would survive since his injuries were so severe. Once the piece of material was... read more »

Another dolphin dies at Mediterraneo

24th October 2003

Foreign organisations have now joined local animal rights NGOs in their campaign against the controversial issue concerning the importation of six new dolphins into Malta. These NGOs include, International Animal Rescue, British Divers Marine Life Rescue, Marine Connection, Whale and Dolphin... read more »

Rampant bird shooting in Malta

20th October 2003

Following the recent severe torrential rains which fell on the Maltese islands during which the countryside suffered a setback, another natural disaster took place when hundreds of birds of various species where slaughtered by hundreds of irresponsible shooters roaming the countryside. While the... read more »


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