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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

News - September 2007

IAR speaks out against the Great British Circus scandal

15th September 2007

During September members of International Animal Rescue demonstrated peacefully outside the site of the Great British Circus in Tonbridge, Kent. The circus boasts lions, tigers, camels and zebras among its acts, arrogantly claiming that this is the circus is ‘for real animal lovers.’ IAR protestors... read more »

Babu bear is free at last

2nd September 2007

Babu, an Indian dancing bear, has been freed from torture after twelve long years of pain at the hands of Kalandar nomads. Now he and two other rescued bears are safely in the hands of IAR’s partners Wildlife SOS of India. Babu was poached from the wild as a cub when he was only weeks old and his... read more »


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