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British holidaymakers save the life of a sick kitten in Malta

Rescued stray kittenIAR supporters Ken and Diane Willoughby from Cornwall in the UK came to the aid of a sick kitten while holidaying in Malta in September.

During their stay at the Porto Azzuro Hotel in Xemxija they found a six week old kitten in one of the side roads leading to the hotel. The poor creature was suffering from cat flu and was in desperate need of veterinary treatment. When they sought help from IAR Malta Chairman Max Farrugia he was able to provide the phone number of a local vet and supply them with a cat basket to transport the kitten there. After visiting the vet and getting the medication she prescribed, Ken and Diane were unable to get help from any local cat protection groups so continued to care for the kitten themselves.

Even though it isn’t Max’s area of expertise, he resolved to do everything he could to help the Willoughbys and the little cat. Diane had hoped she would be able to take the kitten back to the UK with her and was desperately disappointed to learn that wasn’t possible: a cat must spend six months in quarantine in Malta before a passport can be issued for it. Ken and Diane were due to fly home on 18 September so Max readily agreed to take over the medication and care of the kitten.

Rescued stray kitten with Ken and DianeWhen the time came for the couple to pack their bags and go home Diane was very upset and cried openly when she kissed the little cat goodbye. Max promised that he would continue to look after the kitten until it was found a loving home. So at least they left knowing that their charge was in good hands. Max’s wife Lucy is caring for the little cat until a suitable home can be found for him.

IAR CEO Alan Knight said: "This is a very heartwarming tale. We will always do as much as we can at IAR to support travellers abroad who seek help for suffering animals. Tourists can play a significant role in changing the way animals are treated in foreign countries. As well as helping animals in distress, please never help people using animals to beg for money as this only encourages the practice."