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The world watches our team rescue Balu the caged bear in Armenia.

2nd March 2018

Our team has today rescued Balu, a female brown bear of about two and a half years old kept chained up in a cage in Armenia. She is believed to have been kept in her filthy cage since she was caught from the wild as a two month old cub. Balu’s dramatic rescue was streamed live from Armenia on IAR’s... read more »

Fifteen slow lorises return to their natural home in the rainforest

20th February 2018

Fifteen Javan slow lorises have been returned to their natural habitat in the Mount Sawal Protected Forest on the island of West Java.The shy, nocturnal primates will spend between two and four weeks in a habituation cage recovering from their long journey up the mountain and adjusting to their new... read more »

We are supporting a pilot sterilisation project in place of inhumane dog killing in Mauritius

20th February 2018

After 18 years of negotiations with groups and individuals within and outside Mauritius, its Government has finally agreed to a pilot sterilisation project as part of a new humane way to control the street dog population.Over the years, as part of a coalition of animal welfare groups, we have... read more »

Lulup is treated for bullet wound before being moved to safety.

26th January 2018

A wild orangutan rescued from a community garden in West Borneo has been treated for a bullet wound to his face before being moved to safety and released into a National Park.The orangutan’s capture and translocation was carried out by our team in collaboration with the Natural Resources... read more »

Twelve Maltese hunters arrested in Sicily.

18th January 2018

Max Farrugia (pictured below), our Chairman in Malta, reports that twelve Maltese hunters have been arrested by officers from the Guardia dei Finanza at the Port of Pozzallo in Sicily as they were about to board a catamaran and return to Malta.They were caught carrying a quantity of dead birds of... read more »

Five Slow Lorises released back into the wild by our team.

17th January 2018

Five slow lorises have been returned to the wild into a protected forest of Gunung Tarak. The slow lorises are called Bulan, Lana, Honey, Jejes and John and had previously been kept as pets.The five lorises were released after Melky the orangutan was set free into the same park. Their journey... read more »

Magnificent orangutan Melky returns to his home in the rainforest

15th January 2018

An orangutan that spent eight years learning how to behave like a wild ape has completed his rehabilitation and returned to his home in the Bornean rainforest.Melky the orangutan was only two years old when he was rescued in 2009 by our specialist team. Since then he has been undergoing... read more »


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