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We have launched our ‘CODE RED’ campaign for Critically Endangered red apes to mark International Orangutan Day.

17th August 2018

We have issued a ‘CODE RED’ alert to draw attention to the plight of the Critically Endangered great apes on 19th August - International Orangutan Day.Our orangutan rehabilitation centre in Ketapang, West Borneo is currently caring for 109 orangutans. The majority of them will one day be released... read more »

Henry the howler is released back into the wild

15th August 2018

Our partners, Refuge For Wildlife, have successfully rescued and rehabilitated another injured howler monkey. Henry was electrocuted when foraging for food.He had spotted a Mango tree and was attempting to climb up it when he accidentally mistook an uninsulated power line for a branch.A jolt of... read more »

A mother and baby orangutan are moved to safety in West Borneo

2nd August 2018

In mid-July our team in Indonesia collaborated with the local forestry department (BKSDA West Kalimantan) and the Conservation Task Force at PT Kayung Agro Lestari (PT KAL) on the translocation of two orangutans from Kuala Satong Village in Ketapang District to Gunung Palung National Park (GPNP.)... read more »

We return three howler monkeys to freedom in the forest.

27th July 2018

On 19 July our team at the Refuge in Nosara, Costa Rica, released three adult howler monkeys who had undergone several months’ rehabilitation. Charlotte and Iggy had both been attacked by dogs and Star had been electrocuted.As all three monkeys were found in heavily populated areas that are... read more »

We have released a mother and baby orangutan in Mount Tarak protected forest.

25th July 2018

We recently collaborated with the local Forestry Department (BKSDA) on the release of two orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) in the protected forest of Mount Tarak, in Ketapang district, West Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo.) The release operation was carried out on Tuesday 10 July.The orangutans were a... read more »

Rangila the dancing bear is finally rescued and on his way home to India.

10th July 2018

With our support, our partners Wildlife SOS (WSOS) are currently in the process of rescuing Rangila, an Indian sloth bear that was used as a dancing bear in Nepal.The rescue operation follows a first failed rescue mission which left Rangila and a second bear named Sridevi languishing in a zoo in... read more »

IAR praises action by the Indonesian government to protect precious peatland forest.

5th July 2018

International Animal Rescue has praised action taken by the Indonesian government to protect a deep peatland forest in West Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo.) The Sungai Putri Forest in Ketapang Regency is home to one of the world’s largest remaining populations of critically endangered orangutans but... read more »


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