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Javan slow lorises Lilo and Jomblo are cut free from their radio collars.

4th April 2018

Two Critically Endangered Javan slow lorises that underwent intensive rehabilitation before being returned to the forest have finally had their radio collars removed after seven months’ post-release monitoring. They had been kept under close observation by a team of conservationists since returning... read more »

Our team in Indonesia works together with the BKSDA, West Kalimantan to rescue two orangutans.

3rd April 2018

Our team in Indonesia have worked together with the Conservation Agency for Natural Resources West Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) to rescue two orangutans that were being kept as pets in the local area of Dusun Patehada in Semandang Hulu village, Simpang Hulu, Ketapang district on Monday, 19 March.... read more »

International Animal Rescue ‘Pongo Rangers’ call for stricter air rifle legislation to mark International Day of Forests

28th March 2018

Members of our Indonesian environmental education community the ‘Pongo Rangers’ are petitioning to tighten the use of air rifles in response to a number of recent cases of wildlife crime.This petition is one of many events hosted by the Pongo Rangers, in association with International Animal Rescue... read more »

Our team in West Borneo rescues and translocates a magnificent male orangutan.

27th March 2018

A magnificent male orangutan in West Borneo has been rescued and translocated, thanks to the combined efforts of our Orangutan Protection Unit, the Forestry Department (BKSDA), Gunung Palung National Park (GPNP) and the local Palung Foundation.On 5 March, assisted by the Palung Foundation,... read more »

A baby orangutan in West Borneo is rescued from a cage the size of a cupboard.

21st March 2018

Rescuers in West Borneo have freed a baby orangutan from a wooden cage the size of a cupboard. He had been kept in there for more than a year after being found on land cleared to make way for a palm oil plantation.Our team travelled to Muara Baru village, in Sungai Raya District, Kubu Raya Regency... read more »

History is made with severe sentence for illegal slow loris traders in Indonesia.

14th March 2018

In a historical ruling, a Panel of Judges at Lubuk Basung District Court in West Sumatra has sentenced two slow loris traders to three and a half years’ imprisonment. Both perpetrators, with initials JE and HN, were also required to pay a fine of one hundred million Rupiah (USD 7260) or spend an... read more »

Celebrities put on ‘ape-rons’ to help save orangutans from extinction.

13th March 2018

A number of celebrities famed for their baking ability are supporting a special fundraising campaign to help save orangutans from extinction. Cakes for Apes is an initiative of International Animal Rescue (IAR) which runs a rescue and rehabilitation centre for orangutans in West Borneo.  It aims to... read more »


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