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Sick baby orangutan rescued and given emergency treatment by our team.

20th December 2017

Our team in Indonesia and officials from the Natural Resources Conservation Centre of West Kalimantan rescued a baby orangutan from Sinka Zoo in Jalan Malindo, Coral Bay in Singkawang Regency, West Kalimantan.The rescue took place on the 25th of November after the team received information that... read more »

Four orangutans make an epic journey back to freedom in the Bornean rainforest.

12th December 2017

Four critically endangered orangutans have made an epic journey back to freedom in the Bornean rainforest.They were taken home by our team in collaboration with the Natural Resources Conservation Centre (BKSDA) of West Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) and Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park (TNBBBR... read more »

We have rescued two bears from an alabaster factory in Armenia

28th November 2017

As part of the Great Bear Rescue campaign in Armenia we recently rescued two brown bears from a cage in an alabaster factory.Undercover footage taken several years ago shows the pair still as young cubs, desperately trying to reach their distraught mother who has been moved into a cage apart from... read more »

Orangutan that was kept chained in a small wooden box takes next steps to freedom in the forest

17th November 2017

An orangutan that was kept in chains in a dark wooden crate is moving closer to freedom in the forest, as the latest video and photos of her reveal.Images released today show one of our rescued orangutans, Amy, walking with her keeper to a new forested enclosure within our Orangutan Conservation... read more »

Our teddy bear selfie campaign in support of suffering bears in Armenia.

16th November 2017

We have launched a teddy bear selfie campaign in support of our Great Bear Rescue project in Armenia. Using the hashtag #thisbearcares we’re aiming to raise awareness and funds for the rescue of dozens of brown bears living in misery and squalor all across the country. The social media campaign has... read more »

Rescued pet monkeys are returned to the wild in a protected forest in Sumatra

8th November 2017

Twenty-four macaques rescued from captivity after being kept as people’s pets have been set free in Batutegi Protected Forest in the province of Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia.The monkeys consisted of 18 long-tailed macaques (macaca fascicularis) and six pig-tailed macaques (macaca nemestrina.)During... read more »

Four slow lorises are released on Mt Tarak, West Borneo.

7th November 2017

On 30 October, in collaboration with the Centre for Natural Resources Conservation (BKSDA), IAR’s team released four Bornean slow lorises (Nycticebus menangensis) in the area of Mount Tarak, in the hamlet of Cali,Nanga Tayap district, Ketapang. Such releases contribute to efforts to protect this... read more »


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