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Youngest orangutan at our center visits baby school for the first time

18th October 2016

In August our team in Ketapang, Indonesia, took into care a tiny baby orangutan named Gatot. The tiny orangutan was apparently found in the forest by a man out looking for firewood. He heard the sound of crying and this led him to Gatot. He took him home and kept him as a pet for almost two months... read more »

Ten slow lorises are returned to freedom in the forest

13th October 2016

The team at our primate rehabilitation centre in Ciapus, West Java recently carried out the translocation of ten Sumatran slow lorises (nycticebus coucang) for release in the conservation area of Batutegi’s Protected Forest, Tanggamus District, Lampung, Sumatra. The lorises consisted of five males... read more »

Our team in Ketapang rescues an orangutan after police persuade owner to part with her pet

10th October 2016

A pet orangutan is now in the care of our rehabilitation centre in Ketapang after our rescue team was forced to enlist the help of the local police and forestry department to persuade the owner to part with her.  The team was accompanied on the rescue operation by representatives from the... read more »

IAR to take part in Great Apes Giving Day as we launch 'Ten Thousand Trees' campaign

27th September 2016

To mark Great Apes Giving Day on 4 October, we have launched a fundraising initiative to plant 10,000 trees and link two vital areas of forest separated by fires in 2015. The Pematang Gadung community forest is home to one of the biggest populations of wild orangutans in West Borneo. During the... read more »

Exciting news about Malabar, our released female slow loris

22nd September 2016

In January, Malabar was released in to the forest of Mount Sawal. Today we have an encouraging update regarding her life back in the wild.Malabar is a Javan slow loris who was confiscated by the Nature Conservation Agency (BKSDA) in West Java in 2013, and underwent rehabilitation at our Primate... read more »

Shocking condition of rescued lorises reveals terrible cruelty of the illegal pet trade

22nd September 2016

The shocking condition of two slow lorises caught from the wild and kept as pets is a stark reminder of the cruelty these primates suffer at the hands of illegal wildlife traders.The two lorises were surrendered by their owner to the forest department (BKSDA) in Pontianak, West Borneo on 21... read more »

Karmele LLano Sanchez starts her US Tour to raise awareness of the plight of the Bornean orangutan

26th August 2016

Karmele Llano Sanchez, Chief Veterinarian and Program Director of International Animal Rescue (IAR) Indonesia, is in the US to raise awareness and funds for her work rescuing and rehabilitating endangered orangutans in Borneo and reintroducing them into the wild.Karmele heads up our large team of... read more »


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