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A brown bear our team rescued in Armenia has given birth to healthy cubs after years behind bars.

23rd May 2018

A rescued bear in Armenia that spent years behind bars on the bank of a river, has given birth to two healthy cubs in the rescue centre where she is undergoing rehabilitation.Brown bears Dasha and mate Misha were kept in a cramped cage half-submerged in water by a riverside restaurant in Hrazdan... read more »

Our team has freed a caged bear in Armenia from 15 years of relentless misery.

22nd May 2018

A brown bear in Armenia that had been kept locked up alone in a small cage for the past 15 years has finally been freed. Female bear Achon, which means “Girl with the beautiful eyes,” had been kept in the barren cage ever since she was a cub. Now finally, thanks to our partnership with Armenian... read more »

Our frontline fight to save critically endangered orangutans features in TV documentary.

16th May 2018

The life-saving work of our teams in Indonesia as they rescue, rehabilitate and release orangutans back into the forests of Borneo has featured in a documentary on BBC 2’s Natural World programme. “RED APE: SAVING THE ORANGUTAN”, produced by Offspring Films, documents our work as our specialist... read more »

Our team carries out reforestation activities in the Gunung Tarak Forest in celebration of Earth Day

25th April 2018

Our team in Indonesia, together with Gunung Palung National Park (BTNGP) and Unity Forest Management (KPH), has carried out reforestation activities in the region of Gunung Tarak in Nanga Tayap District, Ketapang Regency, to commemorate Earth Day on Sunday 22 April. The activities involved planting... read more »

3Km Kartini Run Back to Nature in Ketapang supports women and the environment

24th April 2018

Our team in Ketapang, West Borneo collaborated with Biak Becicak, Ketapang Running Community, in holding a 3km race for women on Sunday, 22 April. This was the first time such an activity had taken place in Ketapang District. The event was held in commemoration of Kartini Day on 21 April and Earth ... read more »

Our team in Indonesia move a mother and baby orangutan out of danger

23rd April 2018

Our team in Indonesia has moved a mother and infant orangutan to safety after they went in search of food in a village in West Borneo. The pair were in danger of coming into conflict with local farmers after they were seen on a plantation in the village of Tempurukan, in the district of Ketapang,... read more »

Our primate centre in Indonesia takes in a severely injured slow loris.

19th April 2018

A severely injured Javan slow loris is in the care of the team at our primate centre in Bogor, West Java after being handed in to the Centre for Conservation of Natural Resources (BKSDA) in Ciamis.  According to BKSDA staff, the female loris was found on a plantation by a local resident who caught... read more »


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