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Male orangutan Danny is rescued and brought back to our centre

Our team in Indonesia has recently rescued another male orangutan from Mata-Mata, near the location where orangutan Mata was rescued last month. The team called the orangutan Danny, and he is a large male orangutan at roughly seventeen years of age with developed cheekpads.

On arrival, the team found people burning the land. The area is close to two oil plantations and did not have any suitable trees for an orangutan, meaning Danny was lacking in both shelter and food. In the rescue video below, Veterinarian Ayu explains Danny is suffering from malnutrition symptoms, likely caused by the lack of typical orangutan vegetation in the surrounding area.  

Orangutans spend 90% of their time in trees, however as there were no trees around the team found Danny hiding in a bush. The team surrounded the bush to make sure Danny would not go far. Animal keeper Suherman snuck behind Danny and took aim with his blow dart. He was successful with his first shot, and once sedated Vet Ayu was able to check his health over.

Danny has been brought back to our Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Ketapang, until we find a suitable release site for him.