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Rescue team called out to save 30 year old male orangutan

Our orangutan rescue team were recently called out to come to the aid of a fully grown male orangutan of approximately 30 years of age.

The orangutan (named 'Anas' by our team) had entered a pineapple plantation looking for food, as a direct result of the surrounding forest being burnt in the recent forest fires. 

Upon rescue, Anas was suffering from malnutrition and was visibily thin. One of his eyes is badly damaged and is most likely non-functional. Once he has gained some strength and weight, our vet team will investigate further and treat the injury accordingly. 

Being a large wild animal, there is no doubt that he is experiencing some stress from being kept in the quarantine enclosure, but he seems to be settling in well. He is enjoying eating and should soon begin to gain weight and grow stronger. 

We are hopeful that Anas will soon be released back into the wild, once a suitable release site has been found.