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Two men jailed in Malta for illegal hunting

Flock of storks flying over Luqa airportTwo men have been jailed in Malta for illegal shooting during the closed season. They have also been prohibited for life from holding a hunting licence and a licence to keep a firearm.

Joseph Darmanin of Qrendi, 39 years, was jailed for two years and fined €9,000, while Rene Bezzina of Gharghur, 27 years, was jailed for a year and fined €5,000. The two cases were not connected and were heard in separate hearings.

Both men, who were repeat offenders, also had their guns confiscated.

Inspector Ramon Mercieca prosecuted. The men were jailed for shooting at protected white storks on 18 May this year.

Max Farrugia, Chairman of International Animal Rescue Malta, congratulated Inspector Ramon Mercieca and his men from the Administrative Law Enforcement (ALE) wildlife protection unit on their successful action. Farrugia also added that illegal hunting can only be brought under control if enforcement by the ALE is supported by appropriate sentences in court. He urged the Court to continue to deliver stiff sentences that will act as a deterrent to illegal hunting.