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IAR Malta launches animal cruelty campaign

IAR Malta urges the public to report animal crueltyIAR has launched a campaign in Malta urging people to report any cases of animal cruelty they come across. It is being supported by a poster with a picture of a dog and the slogan: 'You have the right to remain silent, but if you do, they pay the price.' Max Farrugia, Chairman of IAR Malta, appealed to the Maltese people Malta and to visitors to the island to open their eyes and their hearts to stop cruelty to animals.

The campaign has been launched through the social networks and the local press and comes in the wake of a number of shocking cases of animal cruelty: the death of Star in particular, the dog that was shot, bound and buried alive, caused a public outcry internationally and within Malta itself. In another case three dead Pharaoh hounds were found tied together in the sea off Marsalforn and and a further dog was found dead after being burned in a field.

Veterinary results have shown that the Pharaoh hounds (known as tal-Feneck in Maltese) died some days before they were thrown into the sea. Post mortem examinations are being carried out. Regardless of how the dogs died, the act has been strongly condemned as yet another act of shocking cruelty to animals.

Following these cases an animal welfare charity shop in St. Paul's Bay was set on fire.

Reports of cruelty can be made directly to the Animal Welfare Directorate at the Police Headquarters in Malta, or to IAR in Malta and the charity will file the report with the relevant authorities.

Max Farrugia can be contacted via the International Animal Rescue Malta Facebook page or on IAR Malta's helpline phone number: 00356 99471212.