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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

Yoga day in Goa raises funds for IAR

Yoga day in Goa raises funds for IAROur Animal Tracks centre in Goa has seen a fall in funds raised locally during the recent holiday season. However things would have been worse had it not been for two extraordinary couples - Marcie and Rolf Naujokat and Jodi and Olaf Starick. Having made yoga a big part of their lives they decided to organise a one day workshop teaching ashtanga yoga and donate all proceeds to IAR. The event took place on 8 February and raised an amazing Rs 107.760 (GBP 1500). Rolf and Marcie taught the workshop and Jodi and Olaf provided the venue: the Satsanga Retreat in Canca, north Goa.

IAR volunteers Chris and Helen went along and took part in the workshop and provided information about the charity to the participants. They also brought along merchandise for sale and literature for people to take away with them.

Rolf and Marcie are planning to organise similar events in the future and continue raising money for International Animal Rescue. The funds raised are divided between our projects in Goa, Tamil Nadu and Agra.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed towards making Rolf and Marcie's event a success and for their continuous support. The season of 2008/09 has certainly been a very challenging one in Goa for everyone. Owing to the global economic crisis and terror threats the number of tourists visiting Goa has fallen significantly. This has been felt throughout the industry: hotels have been half empty, restaurant owners have struggled to make ends meet and, naturally, International Animal Rescue has seen a fall in donations as a direct result of this.

However, the number of visitors to the centre in Assagao and the number of volunteers has been high. Many people return to see us as they remember us from previous visits and word still spreads among tourists that we are here, thus encouraging continuous support and interest. Many local businesses help the charity by keeping our donation box and information on display and by hosting fundraising events. Our thanks to them all for their valuable support.