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Guards in Malta to protect birds by 'twittering'

The bird protection camp in Malta organised by the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) with support from International Animal Rescue starts on 25 April and runs until 3 May. This year it has been decided to make far greater use of the internet to communicate and to mobilise the public. A message will be sent via Twitter to bird camp coordinators when protected species are illegally shot or when other cases of wildlife crime occur. The coordinators will then post the message on Facebook and in other forums. The message will be along the following lines:

"MALTA ALERT: 6 Honey Buzzards shot in night roost 28.4. (plus any other relevant information)."

The aim is to get supporters to respond to the alert by sending an email or fax to the Prime Minister of Malta ([email protected]) or by phoning the Secretary to the Cabinet (Tel: +356 22 001 260; Fax: +356 22 001 262). People will also be encouraged to contact the Times of Malta ([email protected]) and/or the Malta Independent ([email protected])

It is recommended that texts and telephone messages are kept polite and simple. For example:

"I am horrified to hear that (6 Honey Buzzards), a protected species, have just been shot on Malta. I wish to register a strong protest against the continuing acts of wildlife crime taking place during spring migration. (Then add name and country)."

David Conlin, CABS Malta team operations officer says: "I'm convinced that a mass of instant international and individual protests will have a telling political impact."