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IAR welcomes absence of animal circuses in Malta

As a member of The Circus Animal Rights Coalition in Malta, International Animal Rescue has welcomed the fact that no animal circuses have been invited to perform in Malta during the festive season. This demonstrates that the coalition's past campaigns have succeeded in making people aware that animal circuses are neither entertaining nor educational. It also demonstrates that an end to animal circuses doesn't mean an end to fun, since there are many circuses that are exciting and entertaining without abusing animals.

Max Farrugia of International Animal Rescue in Malta said: “We’re delighted that no animals have been forced to suffer for the sake of entertainment in Malta this Christmas.”

The Coalition has worked to expose the fact that, behind the glitter and the glitz of animal circuses lies a cruel world of untold animal suffering. Animals used in circuses are unwilling participants in a show that jeopardises their health and psychological well-being.  Circuses force animals through painful and punitive methods to perform tricks that are at odds with their innate instincts and behaviour, resulting in substantial injuries during training. Furthermore, animals in circuses have to endure long journeys in cramped and unsuitable conditions. Circus animals are not only forced to live in an environment drastically different from their natural habitat, but their spirits are broken from harsh training and from not being able to fulfill their most basic needs and instincts.

The Coalition is calling on the Maltese government and the relevant authorities to introduce legislation to ban animal circuses from Malta permanently and to take every necessary action to improve and protect the rights and welfare of all animals.

The Circus Animal Rights Coalition is made up of: International Animal Rescue (Malta),Moviment Graffitti, Animal Rights Malta, Subculture-Animal Friends, CETFREE, Abandoned Animal Association, World Animal Conscience, Hakuna Matata, Noah's Ark, Island Sanctuary,  World Animal Conscience, SOS Animals, St Francis Foundation for Animals, Yelp for Help, Ananda Marga.