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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

IAR Goa holds dog show

IAR staff with a hopeful contestantInternational Animal Rescue celebrated Liberation Day in our traditional way in Goa by hosting a dog show for local breed dogs. The event was opened by Veterinary Director Astrid Almeida and former Assistant Veterinary Director Kevin D’Mello in 2004. The aim of the event is for owners of non-pedigree dogs to come and show off their pet dogs and they all get the chance to win some exciting prizes in the competitions.

A selection of dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes registered for the show. On the panel of three judges were Angela, Jan and Nicky all of whom are supporters and volunteers at IAR. Each dog was assessed on its obedience, skills, ability to locate hidden treats as well as on its appearance. An agility course with various obstacles also had to be conquered. Despite the intense heat all contestants gave the challenges their best shot and the three top winners of this year’s dog show were:

1st prize: Muppet, 15 years old, owned by Angela 2nd prize: Toto, 4 years old, owned by Erwin 3rd prize: Spottie, 6 years old, owned also by Erwin

Pedigree kindly sponsored the event and gave free samples of dog food to all participants.

In spite of the burning sun all had great fun and a very enjoyable day at International Animal Rescue.