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IAR thanks fundraisers and volunteers for support in Goa

Staff at ‘The Pub’ raising funds for IARIAR has expressed its deep appreciation and grateful thanks to a number of volunteers who regularly raise funds and support IAR’s work at the Goa centre.

With the tourist season once again fully underway in Goa dedicated couple Harry and Jackie Patterson are once again entertaining the public and raising funds to help with the sterilisation, treatment and care of the hundreds of dogs that pass through the centre.

IAR’s Tanja Larsen reports from Goa: "This season Harry, aka DJ Rick Shaw, puts on his flares and bling and turns up the retro beats at ‘The Pub’ in Calangute, part of Paradise Village Resort. ‘The Pub’ is run by Jeff and Simon who have already proven on numerous occasions that they are ready to pull out all the stops to make sure that the fundraising nights are a success. IAR T-Shirts have been bought by them for all the staff and they support Harry and Jackie 100% in their work for the charity.

The events take place twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays and so far DJ Rick Shaw and Co have raised more than RS 30.000/- (GBP 375) for IAR Goa by selling IAR merchandise and getting the punters to partake in raffles, quizzes, competitions etc.

DJ Rick Shaw raising funds for IARAs well as doing his regular events DJ Rick Shaw also does one-off events if approached by venues who would like to raise some funds for IAR. On 5 November Craig at Gleneagles Bar & Restaurant in Anjuna hosted such an event to celebrate bonfire night. All diners participated in the games that were laid out on the night and the event raised RS 7.740/-.

When DJ Rickshaw is not busy sporting his afro-do he and Jackie provide support and assistance with the animal side of things. Knowing how stretched we are at the centre, they go and catch dogs and bring them to us. They are assisted by volunteers Wendy and Dave who provide the vehicle and help with catching and transporting the dogs. In short this foursome is the best PR the centre can wish for and with their help our organisation gets more and more supporters every day.

All at IAR would like to take this opportunity to thank our tireless volunteers for all their help and support. What they do makes an amazing difference to the lives of animals in Goa. Thank you also to all the people who host fundraising events for IAR. The support we receive is heartwarming and it helps us to continue the important task of helping animals."

Anyone visiting Goa during the holiday season and wishing to visit or help out at the IAR centre should contact Tanja on: +91 832 2268328.