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IAR-backed sanctuary welcomes rescued bear cubs

11th March 2004

Five tiny sloth bear cubs confiscated during a police raid on wildlife poachers in India have been taken in by the Agra Bear Rescue Centre. International Animal Rescue funds the running of the centre along with several other animal welfare charities. The 85-strong police raid followed a... read more »

Goa: The reason why...

12th January 2004

A personal account by Jemma Sadler, volunteer have been working in Goa for three months now, but I never stop being shocked and saddened by some of the injuries and wounds that the animals of Goa endure. I have always believed in and advocated the work that IAR do - otherwise I wouldn’t be here!... read more »

Volunteering in Goa

8th January 2004

Kym Barratt reports on her experiences As I sat on the plane to Goa on break from University I came across a piece in the Lonely Planet guide on International Animal Rescue’s centre at Assagao. As I am studying Animal Science and have an interest in animal welfare I decided to pay them a visit.... read more »

Malta's Bird Directive raised in the European Parliament

28th December 2003

A question was raised on 2 December 2003 in the European Parliament by Chris Davies, MEP (ELDR-UK), on the implementation of the Birds Directive in Malta. The Accession Treaty signed by Malta on 16 April 2003 commits Malta to the full implementation of the Birds Directive 79/409/EEC by 1 May 2004.... read more »

Malta update

19th December 2003

Brussels meeting During the month of December, Eurogroup for Animal Welfare in conjunction with the EU TIAEX office organised its annual meeting for EU members and accession countries. The meeting brought together members of the veterinary services and non Government organisations to discuss on... read more »

Goa: Onwards and Upwards!

17th December 2003

Jemma Sadler reports on volunteering in Goa. I heard about International Animal Rescue and Animal Tracks whilst in Scotland back in May assisting in a project to stop the culling of hedgehogs. As soon as I heard about it I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in. I haven’t traveled very... read more »

Kerala High Court to lift ban on killing stray dogs

15th December 2003

It is with great distress that we learned earlier this month of the interim order to lift the ban on killing stray dogs in Kerala. Up until December 2003, the killing of stray dogs in Kerala had been illegal, but due to public pressure, a petition was filed in Cochin with the High Court of Kerala... read more »


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