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Malta update

Brussels meeting
During the month of December, Eurogroup for Animal Welfare in conjunction with the EU TIAEX office organised its annual meeting for EU members and accession countries. The meeting brought together members of the veterinary services and non Government organisations to discuss on various matters relating to animal welfare. Malta was represented by our very own Max Farrugia, International Animal Rescue, which has observer status and Dr. Duncan Chetcuti Ganado (veterinary services). During the meeting various topics concerning animal welfare were discussed. The main items on the agenda for the four day meeting were the transport of animals from one country to anaother, the proiblems of ever increasing exotic animals as pets, the future of animal welfare in an enlarged European Union, the welfare of laying hens, standards for fish farming, which is a fast growing industry, and the JUne elections for the European Union.

International Animal Rescue Malta on various Government committees
International Animal Rescue Malta is now a member on a number of Maltese government committees regarding animal welfare. The Minister of Foreign Affairs who is responsible for MEUSEC (Malta European Union Joint Committee) have chosen our reprsentative to sit on the Envirnment and Agriculture committee for the coming two years. Together with other groups he is to give advise on various envirnmental and animnal welfare issues. The Veterinary Services also asked International Animal Rescue Malta to sit on a number of committees to help in the drafting of legal notices concerning animal welfare. Max Farrugia is sitting on the pet shops, exotic animals, horses and law drafting groups.

Max farrugia stated that the relations with the Veterinary Services in Malta at present are very good and they have been working together for the last four months. The Ministry of Veterinary Services have assigned a veterinarian specifically for animal welfare. This is considered as a big step forward in the sector.