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Rescued orangutan Beno goes from quarantine straight to forest school

Beno was rescued by our team in April this year. He was four years old upon rescue and was being kept as a pet, chained up by the neck with no shelter or protection from the sun or rain. 

Once Beno arrived at the centre he spent the first 8 weeks in quarantine and received medical treatment from our team of vets. At the end of his time in quarantine Beno underwent a medical check up to ensure he was well and ready to meet some of the other orangutans. 




The results of the medical check up showed that Beno is a strong, healthy orangutan! 

This great news led to the medical team deciding that Beno was strong enough to go straight into forest school, without needing to first go through baby school.

We are pleased to report that Beno is now doing really well in forest school, he is good at making nests and rarely goes back to his enclosure to sleep. These are all great signs that Beno may one day be a brilliant candidate for release.