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Bad news for birds in Malta as autumn hunting season is announced

Bird guards on the lookout for illegal hunting activityAn official statement by the Malta Government has confirmed that the autumn hunting season will start on 1 September and come to an end on 31 January 2011. Hunting can take place during the given periods following the approval of a derogation by the EU. Turtle doves and quail may be hunted from 1 September to 30 October and golden plovers and thrushes between 20 October and 10 January. Max Farrugia, International Animal Rescue's chairman in Malta, stated that during this period, if a hunter is caught in the countryside with a gun and has the necessary permits, no legal action be taken against him.

In the autumn hunting is allowed from two hours before sunrise until two hours after sunset, from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday and public holidays hunting can commence two hours before sunrise and end at 1300 hours. From 15-30 September which are the peak days of migration of birds of prey, hunting on land is forbidden after 1500 hours, while hunting at sea is allowed from 1 October to 31 January.

As in previous years, the Committee Against Bird Slaughter will hold its annual autumn camp in Malta during the month of September when the migration of birds of prey will be at its peak. The aim of the camp will be to protect as many birds of prey as possible from being shot. During the camp CABS and partners International Animal Rescue will monitor 'hot spots' which are notorious areas for illegal shooting. A number of small teams will observe these areas and report to the control which is set up every year by the group. The group members will be easily identifiable by their green T-Shirts. As in previous years the CABS teams will be working and co-operating with the ALE – the wildlife protection department of the police - during the camp.