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The Trichy team prepares to make a move

The team in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, is looking forward to moving to new premises that are being purpose-built by a generous benefactor. As the lease agreement on the existing building has been terminated, the team is having to move out by the end of August 2010.

New kennels under contructionWith insufficient funds to buy a property outright, clinic founder Dr Deike Schacht was faced with the task of finding a new place to rent. Thankfully, right at the time when Deike and her team were beginning to wonder if they would ever find a suitable property, they met a man from Trichy who was keen to help them. Mr Ramesh is a man of property who is a real dog lover and passionate about all animals. He also has considerable financial resources at his disposal.

Mr Ramesh agreed to construct a building at his own cost that would be suitable as a clinic on one of his newly purchased, well-situated plots so that Deike's team could rent it on a long-term basis.

The building is half way through construction. It will comprise kennels to house dogs being spayed or neutered (ABC) and puppies. There will also be longer term accommodation and holiday-home kennels on the site and a proper outpatients' unit. The kennel construction will begin shortly. The building will be rented for a moderate sum and the agreement will be fixed for an initial five years.

During a visit to Trichy in June Dr Schacht confirmed the kennel construction with the builders and a proper design was drawn up. She said: "Things are moving forward nicely. We are all so grateful to Mr Ramesah for coming forward as he did and offering to help us. With his support we are convinced that the new clinic will have all we need to make it a real success.