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Goa vets win award for poster pioneering orthopaedic surgery

Nikhil's certificate of awardInternational Animal Rescue's vets in Goa have been awarded a gold medal at an international veterinary conference in India for their poster on groundbreaking orthopaedic surgery.

At the conference entitled ‘Wildlife conservation, health and disease management IAR vet Nikhil Prabhugaonkan presented a poster on the management of various orthopaedic injuries in macaque monkeys. The veterinary team responsible for this work also included IAR's veterinary director in Goa, Astrid Almeida, Manik Patel and A Choudhury.

The conference was held at the Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Chennai from 3-5 February.

Alan Knight, Chief Executive of International Animal Rescue, said: "Over the years I have watched our team develop new and innovative techniques for orthopaedic surgery and I'm delighted to see that their work has been recognised by this conference.

"During a recent visit to our Goa clinic I was amazed to learn that the team had just operated on the broken wing of a little owl and had used a sewing needle to pin the broken bones together. When I arrived at the centre, Astrid and Nikhil were in the middle of a delicate operation to repair a break in a cat's leg. This is truly inspiring work and I congratulate the entire team in Goa on this award which is thoroughly well deserved."