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More than one hundred hedgehogs find a new home in Scotland

A total of 109 hedgehogs have been captured and humanely transferred to the Scottish mainland during the latest phase of trapping in the Benbecula area of the Uist Islands.

The figure has been released after intensive trapping by the Uist Wader Project (UWP), a partnership of Scottish Natural Heritage, RSPB Scotland and the Scottish Government. Trapped hedgehogs are handed over to the Uist Hedgehog Rescue coalition (UHR) and transferred to the mainland for release.

The UWP's efforts are geared towards the total removal of all non-native hedgehogs which can have a disastrous effect on ground nesting wader birds by eating their eggs.

The trapping is having an impact as hedgehog numbers in Benbecula are continuing to fall. However, after several seasons of recording zero catches on North Uist, a hedgehog was spotted by a crofter in Bayhead on North Uist. In response traps were placed around the location and a further three hedgehogs were caught.These hedgehogs formed part of the three batches taken to the mainland by UHR as part of the autumn fieldwork stage of the project.

UHR moved hedgehogs off the islands to the mainland in two batches with the final consignment going on 4 November as part of the autumn fieldwork stage of the project.

Ross Minett, Spokesperson for UHR, added: "Uist Hedgehog Rescue has been pleased to work closely with the Uist Wader Project once again this year, to remove many more hedgehogs from the Uists.

"All our hard work is not only of benefit to the hedgehogs we have removed but also to the wading bird populations on the islands. We hope that funding will allow our constructive working relationship to continue in the future."

Notes to Editors

For interviews, further information or photographs of the latest hedgehogs to be released please contact Ross Minett on 0131 225 6039.

Trapped animals are transferred to UHR before being translocated to Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust in North Ayrshire and from there they are released to locations in Scotland.

Uist Hedgehog Rescue comprises Advocates for Animals, British Hedgehog Preservation Society, Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust and International Animal Rescue.