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News - September 2009

Illegal shooting of birds of prey filmed in Malta

21st September 2009

During the first week of Operation Safe Haven, the bird protection camp in Malta organised by the Committee Against Bird Slaughter with support from International Animal Rescue, bird guards have observed the shooting down of at least five birds of prey and in two cases were able to film the... read more »

Maltese police seize 29 protected wading birds

14th September 2009

Police in Malta have seized 29 protected wading birds that had been caught by illegal trappers. The incident took place on the very first day of Operation Safe Haven, an initiative by the German group Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) with support from International Animal Rescue to protect... read more »

Hope on the horizon for Bluefin Tuna

11th September 2009

A proposal put forward by Monaco and co-sponsored by the European Commission to list Bluefin Tuna as an endangered species is being met with fierce opposition from the fishing industry in Malta. International Animal Rescue in Malta, together with the Species Survival Network (SSN), has been... read more »

First casualty of illegal shooting recovered in Malta

11th September 2009

Just hours after the European Court of Justice ruled against spring hunting in Malta, the Maltese police recovered the first casualty of illegal shooting after a bird of prey was shot down. A flock of more than 20 marsh harriers was being monitored by observers from the CABS¹ bird protection camp... read more »

Spring hunting in Malta finally comes to an end

11th September 2009

The European Court of Justice in Luxemburg has ruled against the spring hunting of turtle doves and common quail in Malta - a decision that has been warmly welcomed by International Animal Rescue and its campaigning partners in Europe. The ECJ declared that the Malta Government had breached... read more »

Shocking video exposes bird slaughter in Cyprus

10th September 2009

A video posted on YouTube by a group campaigning against illegal bird trapping in Cyprus shows shocking scenes of birds struggling in nets or stuck fast to tree branches that have been thickly smeared with a glue-like substance. The new EU member state Cyprus has become a death trap for birds which... read more »


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