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IAR neuters cats in Malta thanks to Paws in Need

Maltese catsUK charity Paws in Need has donated £200 to IAR to cover the costs of neutering cats in the Masrascala area of Malta. The donation followed a visit by Suzanne Thorpe from Paws in Need to Malta on holiday. While she was there Suzanne sought IAR’s help with some stray cats that were in need of medical treatment and Max Farrugia of IAR Malta cared for them. Some time passed after Suzanne’s visit, but she didn’t forget her friends in Malta, nor the thousands of strays in need of help. She appealed to the Paws in Need Trust and they approved the sum of £200 to neuter cats in the south of the island. With the help of one person in the area to feed the cats, the trapping and neutering will take place in the coming days and weeks.

During the budget speech it was announced that the Malta government would be starting a neutering campaign on the island in the coming months. Max Farrugia is to meet with minister George Pullicino on Friday 16 November to see how IAR can assist with this programme.

All neutering of cats funded by Paws In Need has been made possible with the support of the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust.