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Owen’s Electrocution Rehabilitation

Owen is a tiny howler monkey that managed to fight his way back from the brink of death. After being very badly electrocuted by uninsulated power lines in Costa Rica, he was rushed to the rehabilitation centre where our partners, Refuge for Wildlife, began immediate life-saving treatment.

The muscles in his left leg and foot had been damaged beyond repair. The vets discovered that his leg tissue was necrotic, meaning amputation of the leg was the only way this beautiful monkey could avoid complications from septicaemia.

We also had to amputate several severely damaged fingers on both of his hands, and a large gaping wound on his right hip was causing him immense pain. The wound was several centimetres wide and very deep, exposing the muscle beneath. It was in a difficult location, and we were worried that he would die if it were to become infected.

Further treatment was given to the horrific electrical burns on his face, stomach and tail. Our team are used to dealing with horrific burns like this, and know that many howler monkeys that have been electrocuted this badly die soon after they are rescued. But not Owen, he was determined to survive! He beat the odds and proved us all wrong.

Owen soon began to recover and gain weight. After a few months he was ready to move into the nursery with the other howler monkeys.

It was difficult for Owen to adjust to his new life in the nursery. For several days, Owen could be heard constantly calling out for his dead mother. However, he quickly made friends with other orphaned howlers and soon started to smile!

He also learnt how to climb without the use of his left leg, meaning he was a bit wobbly at first, but it didn’t take long for this determined little howler to get the hang of it!

We are happy to announce that Owen is now thriving in the nursery. He has lots of new friends and spends his days chasing and wrestling the other monkeys. He is also the fastest climber in the group, despite only having one leg!

We are so glad our expert team at Refuge for Wildlife managed to save his life. We wish him many more years full of health and happiness!

Owen will require several more years of love and care at The Refuge before he is old enough to be released back into the wild. But we are confident that he will make a strong recovery.

Thank you to everyone that supports our howler monkey rescue project! Without people like you, Owen would not have survived.