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IAR releases three Javan slow lorises in Ciamis, West Java

Last month, three Javan slow lorises called Burangrang, Charles and Kamojang were translocated from our Primate Rescue Centre in Ciapus, Bogor to a habituation cage in the forest on Mount Sawal in Ciamis, West Java. 

These three slow lorises were part of a group of 21 lorises that were confiscated in Tasikmalaya (West Java) by BKSDA West Java (Indonesian Nature Conservation Agency) and the Tasikmalayan Police in July 2013.  Rescued from a market trader, the slow lorises were in a bad condition when they arrived at the centre and suffered from various health problems such as teeth damage, dehydration, malnutrition and stress.

During the rehabilitation process at our centre, the slow lorises were observed and their behaviour was reported to the medical team. After a year of undergoing rehabilitation, these three slow lorises were considered to be ready for release, displaying the behaviours necessary for survival in the wild. After the veterinarians conducted a final medical check and verified the lorises to be healthy and free from disease, Burangrang, Charles and Kamojan were taken to their new forest home.


They will spend approximately a month in the habituation cage before they will be released into the surrounding forest of Mount Sawal. Mount Sawal has been surveyed by the IAR team in terms of habitat suitability and existing slow loris populations and they have found it to be suitable for our rescued slow lorises. After release the IAR team will monitor the slow lorises for up to a year. 


The Ceremony of Releases

Surrounding communities in Mount Sawal give their approval to slow loris releases as they support anything to do with forest sustainability. They showed their support for this release with two ceremonies. The first ceremony, was a welcoming ceremony for the lorises and was performed before the lorises entered the habituation cage. The second ceremony was after the slow lorises had entered the habituation cage and was performed to wish them luck in their survival. 

We still have many slow lorises at our centre that are waiting to be released back to their homes. Please support this project by making a donation today, or by adopting Lily or Cepat