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36 howler monkeys are being cared for by Refuge for Wildlife

We have just received a report from our partners at Refuge for Wildlife that we are now supporting the care of 36 howlers monkeys – 29 of which are young orphans! The young orphans will be cared for at the nursery facilities available at the rehabilitation centre. The older monkeys will be cared for in the pre-release enclosures. A few of the monkeys will be unsuitable for release due to their previous lives as pets, so they will instead be provided with comfortable, long term residency for the rest of their days. Some of the howler monkeys coming to the rehabilitation centre have suffered injuries as a result of electrocution. These monkeys will require expert care in one of the on-site clinics until they have recovered enough to be moved into one of the other areas of the centre.

Every year hundreds of howler monkeys in Costa Rica are electrocuted on uninsulated power lines and transformers. In fact, electrocution is the number one killer. The monkeys do not know the difference between electrical wires and natural vines and will often travel across wires to get to feeding grounds. This is a particularly serious issue in areas of deforestation where monkeys have no choice but to travel on the wires.

Most of the howler monkeys that survive electrical burns are infants that were clinging to their mothers when they were electrocuted. The mother absorbs most of the current and dies, while the babies suffer burns on their hands, tail and any other body part in direct contact with her. Some are lucky enough to escape with only minor burns.