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Tiny baby orangutan rescued in West Borneo

24th April 2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak which is believed to have originated from wildlife, in Indonesia there is clear evidence that people are still keeping protected wildlife  as pets. This practice is not only illegal, it also increases the risk of disease transmission from animals to humans and ... read more »

Thirteen Slow lorises return to their home in the rainforest

27th March 2020

Thirteen slow lorises have been returned to their home in Sumatra after undergoing rehabilitation at the specialist primate centre in Bogor, West Java. The lorises were released on 16th March in the Batutegi Protected Forest in Lampung, Sumatra in collaboration with the Centre for Natural Resources... read more »

Our team celebrates birth of baby to orangutan rescued from torture

24th March 2020

Peni, a young female orangutan who was rescued after witnessing the horrific torture and death of her mother, has given birth to a baby of her own after spending four years in rehabilitation before returning to the wild. The baby’s birth is amazing new as it's evidence of the resounding success of... read more »

Monti and Anggun are returned to freedom in the Bornean rainforest!

25th February 2020

We have successfully rehabilitated and released a foster mother and baby orangutan back into the wild. Adult female Monti and infant Anggun were released in the Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park (TNBBBR) with three other rehabilitated orangutans named Merah, Ujang and Utat. Our team carried out... read more »


19th February 2020

A mother and baby orangutan are the latest victims of forest fires to be rescued in West Borneo, while a large male that was with them was left behind until a later date.After previously rescuing dozens of orangutans after fires in Ketapang Regency in 2019, our team, alongside the West Kalimantan... read more »


5th February 2020

In spite of a recent reduction in the number of forest and land fires in Ketapang Regency, West Borneo, the survival of orangutans remains under threat. Illegal mining and logging also pose a serious threat by damaging forests and natural habitats.Our team, in collaboration with the Wildlife Rescue... read more »

Rescued starving orangutan recovers and is returned to the rainforest by our team

29th January 2020

A starving orangutan that was rescued after fire destroyed her forest home in West Borneo has been returned to the wild after treatment and care in our rehabilitation centre. Epen, as the orangutan was named by our rescue team, has been reintroduced into the protected forest of Gunung Tarak (Mount... read more »


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