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Simon's appeal

Simon’s crooked face may look amusing but the story behind it is heartbreakingly sad.

When he was young, Simon looked like every other bear cub, with a small eager mouth for feeding hungrily from his mother and a sensitive nose for sniffing out and sucking up termites. He was a beautiful little bear, growing up peacefully in the forest.

But now Simon’s nose is crooked and torn. When he was just a cub, he was cruelly poached from the wild and separated from his mother. A red hot iron rod was used to pierce his nose and his captors then forced a length of coarse rope through the raw wound. This barbaric act caused Simon’s nose to become inflamed and infected. On top of this agony, his canine teeth were knocked out, leaving him powerless and in unimaginable pain.

His captor would tug on the rope through his nose to make Simon ‘dance’ for the amusement of humans. In reality, Simon was not dancing, he was rearing up in pain, desperately trying to escape the torture.

Please make a donation today to help us give Simon the life he deserves after all the pain he suffered as a dancing bear.

Thankfully, with our partners at Wildlife SOS and Free the bears, we were able to rescue Simon in 2005.  Back then he was skinny and disfigured, a heartbreaking and disturbing sight after the hell he had been through. We promised that no matter what, we would give Simon the chance to live out the rest of his days in peace, with plentiful treats and all the love in the world.

These days, amazingly, Simon is one of the sweetest, most loveable bears we have ever rescued. He is placid and gentle, with an unusual but friendly expression on his face, owing to his squashed nose and crooked mouth.

But Simon’s story is all too common. We are currently funding the care of almost 300 rescued bears in the sanctuaries in India and we need your support to continue doing so.

Please consider making a donation towards Simon and his friends today to help us provide them with the ongoing treatment and care they require. With your help we can provide them with everything they need to heal their wounds and banish the horrors of the past from their lives forever.