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Please help us return little Rayu to her home in the forest

Rayu the slow loris’ life was saved by a resident of Sukabumi city in Java and by the prompt action of our veterinary team.

The woman spotted a little bundle of fur huddled at the roadside, only feet away from the passing traffic. She could see the loris had a deep, maggot-infested wound on her right arm and called our centre urgently for help.

 A team from IAR's Primate Rescue Centre in Java set off for Sukabumi straight away, fearing that the infection in the loris’ arm could spread rapidly and cause a fatal deterioration in her condition.

 We don’t know how Rayu was injured, or how she came to be crouched in the dust at the side of the road. She may have been snatched from the forest and destined for a pet market in Jakarta, until the wound on her arm made her worthless to the poachers and they dumped her at the roadside.

Lorises can sustain serious injuries when they are packed together in small, airless crates for the hellish journey to the markets. 

Please help rescued slow lorises like Rayu today  

Whatever the cause of the injury, tragically the damage was so severe that it couldn’t be repaired and the vets were forced to amputate Rayu’s arm below the elbow. No one knew how the little loris would cope with her disability. 

Fortunately, Rayu is a brave little soul and determined not to let her disability hold her back! She is making such great progress and showing so much spirit that the vets are hopeful that eventually she will be strong and fit enough to return to the wild. 

Please send your gift today towards Rayu’s recovery and rehabilitation.  

When she is finally ready for release, Rayu will be fitted with a radio collar so that our team can follow her and monitor her progress. The team will track her to check on her welfare and gather data on her movements and behaviour.


We are absolutely committed to protecting the future of lorises like Rayu, however long it takes. 

​But we can’t do it without you. Please give whatever you can today towards Rayu’s rehabilitation and release back into the forest. Thank you.