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Rickina Saving animals from suffering around the world


Rickina's vulnerablity and tragic story encapsulates the plight of young orangutans whose mothers are killed and whose lives in the wild are snatched away from them. Rescued at around five months, with a terrible gash on her forehead thanks to a machete, Rickina was brought to our orangutan rescue centre in 2012. Please adopt Rickina today!

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Taken from Raising Awareness on World Orangutan Day 2013 diary | 21st August 2013
Baby orangutan Rickina has captured the hearts of all who know her

World Orangutan Day is an annual, worldwide event to create awareness and support for orangutans and for all the people who dedicate their lives to saving these iconic animals from extinction.The main threats to orangutans are habitat loss because of the conversion of forest areas into monocultures...

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Taken from Update from the Orangutan Project diary | 13th March 2013 by Christine Nelson, Ketapang

Times are busy for the orangutans in Sungai Awan, as well as for the humans looking after them.  We are constantly tweaking the routine to better accomodate the animals and give them the most natural day possible.  The orangutans are always being encouraged to climb and explore in the forest.  Some...

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Taken from December 2012 Update from the International Animal Rescue Orangutan Centre in Ketapang diary | 3rd January 2013 by by Vet Christine Nelson

The biggest news in December was, of course, the long-awaited release of Pelangsi into his new  forest home.  A lot of hard work and preparation went into that day, but the team effort paid off and his fond farewell was a terrific achievement.  Behavioral observations are underway and assessments...

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Taken from October orangutan update from Ketapang diary | 6th November 2012

From vet Silje RobertsenIn Ketapang we have had a busy month with big changes for some of the animals. Roy and Merah finished their quarantine periods and have been introduced to the babies in our Baby School area. Roy is definitely one of the biggest in this group now, and he play-wrestles for...

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