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IAR Malta calls for clarification from the EU on hunting

HoopoeIAR Malta is calling for clarification from the EU on spring hunting in Malta. The move by IAR, together with Nature Trust (Malta), follows conflicting statements on the situation by the government and the European Union. There is considerable confusion over claims that the EU made a concession at the time of Malta’s accession which allowed the trapping of seven and the hunting of two bird species to continue. While Malta is now honouring the Birds Directive, which doesn’t allow any trapping of song birds or other species during the spring season, the government insists that a special agreement was reached with the EU during the negotiating process. The EU denies that any concession or derogation was made.

IAR and NTM emphasised that they are against all forms of hunting and trapping, both illegal and legal.

The two groups criticised the poor enforcement of hunting regulations but added that there had been improvements, with the number of injured birds brought in for rehabilitation decreasing over the past three years. Reports were also coming in of more sightings of birds, including hoopoes.

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