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IAR 'gives a lift' to sick animals in Goa

Sick and injured animals in Goa will travel in comfort to a local animal rescue centre once it receives its new ambulance this week.

Our team of representatives will be visiting the IAR 'Animal Tracks' centre in Goa to hand over the vehicle. The ambulance was bought by IAR following an appeal to the public for funds and a second vehicle has also been ordered as a result of donations from the UK. A single IAR supporter from Malta has funded the entire cost of the first ambulance.

IAR's founder John Hicks, who moved out to Goa from the UK some years ago, will be present at the handover of the ambulance, together with IAR CEO Alan Knight, Trustee Gavin Bruce and Development Director Carrie Colliss. Accompanying them will be IAR supporter Laura Anson, who earlier this year donated funds to help the clinic build a new surgery and outpatients clinic. A previous IAR appeal also enabled Animal Tracks to buy a Siemens x-ray machine, making it the only animal rescue centre in Goa to have one.

John Hicks says: "Hundreds of animals are brought to the clinic in Goa every month and we have been using two old vehicles to transport them which are frankly 'clapped out.' Now, thanks to the generosity of IAR supporters, we have received our first new vehicle which will be kitted out with 'luxuries' like non-slip mats and medical equipment for emergency cases. Our grateful thanks go to everyone who helps to fund the new vehicles. A well-equipped ambulance can mean the difference between life and death for a sick or injured animal that is in urgent need of treatment."

Once they are on the streets, the ambulances will be easily identifiable by the IAR logos and contact details on the bodywork.