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IAR Celebrate Orangutan Caring Week

This year, International Animal Rescue will conduct four major events for Orangutan Caring Week that's being held every 8-15 November each year. Two events will be held in Ketapang and the other two in the the capital of west Kalimantan, the city of Pontianak. We will start on the 7th of November, and finish by the 15th.

First event: Orangutan Exhibition

IAR will start the first one on the 7th of November, which is a Saturday, the event is an Orangutan Exhibition that is organized together with Borneo City Mall Ketapang. This orangutan exhibition will show the work of IAR in Ketapang and West Kalimantan. The main focus is to give information about orangutan conservation. There will be movie screenings, puppet shows, fun quizzes, and surveys. IAR will work with their conservation cadre, which consists mostly of Ketapang highscool students, in order to engage the Ketapang children to help the conservation of the endemic species in their own area. This event will end on November 11th, but at the request of Borneo City Mall, we can leave the exhibition materials to make it as a permanent 'media center' of IAR inside their mall.

Second event: Orangutan Fun walk and campaign competition

This event will be held on the morning of Sunday 8th November and is also supported by the Borneo City Mall. We are going to start and finish the fun walk at the parking area of the mall. The track is to follow Ketapang's car free day route, which is about 4 km back and forth. The participants are Ketapang highschool students, we asked 10 students from each school to represent their school for the campaign competition. IAR's conservation cadre will also join the campaign and will get a special spot at the famous Ale-ale statue of Ketapang for their campaign.

Third event: Orangutan Lecture at Tanjungpura University

IAR is going to give an orangutan lecture in three faculties at Tanjungpura University Pontianak on November 14th, 2015. The three faculties are Forestry Department, Math and Sciences (Biology), and Biology Education. The material that will be presented is related to orangutans and Orangutan Caring Week 2015 theme "Working Together Toward Sustainable Solution". We will also introduce Indonesia’s Biodiversity Year 2016 to them, which we are a part of a thoroughly support.

Fourth event: Fun Campaign on Pontianak Car Free day

IAR's team is going to build a mini carnaval stand in the middle of Pontianak’s car free day, Sunday 15th November 2015. Inside we are going to have a TV playing IAR movies, give out flyers, and when all of our supporters have gathered we will march to the car free day area to campaign for orangutans. We will give out souvenirs and fun quizzes to everyone who attends. Supporting this event are the forestry students of Tanjungpura University (Sylva), orangutan scholarship recipients, and Planet Indonesia.