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Horrific attacks on dogs in Kerala

Avis Lyons who runs the IAR clinic in Kerala has sent in a very upsetting account of the recent killing of two dogs on Kovalam beach.

Both dogs had previously been sterilised at the clinic and had their ears clipped and tattooed. Horrifically, their bodies were found floating in a river, tied by a rope from their necks to a pole overhead: they may have died when they were thrown into the water, or they may have been still alive, which means they will have struggled to stay afloat for hours until they were too exhausted to swim and drowned.

This is not the first time that dogs which have obviously come from the IAR clinic have been brutally attacked. Last summer, in the same area, a dog wearing an IAR collar was viciously mutilated by an attacker wielding a machete who sliced his ear off. Fortunately, the dog was rescued and brought back to the clinic where his injuries were treated.

Alan Knight, CEO of IAR, says: "Any right-minded person will be appalled by these sickening attacks. It defies belief that anyone should intentionally hurt an animal in this way. Avis and her team are working hard in Kerala to control the numbers of stray dogs and care for the animals living on the streets. It is heartbreaking for them to encounter this level of brutality towards any animal, let alone one that has been in their care."