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Hen Heaven

Linda and the rescued hensBattery hens continue to suffer terribly from the inhumane conditions of the factory farming system. But many lucky chickens must now feel that they have died and -literally- gone to heaven, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Linda Turvey.

Linda provides a secure home for up to 1000 ex-battery chickens on a smallholding aptly named ’Hen Heaven’, located in - wait for it - Henfield, West Sussex! Linda funds the whole operation by producing ’happy eggs’ and supplying them to local restaurants and shops. IAR were asked to help with some of the feed, veterinary and other expenses during the winter when the eggs were in short supply. We also supplied large water hoppers to save poor Linda from heaving gallons of ice cold water around the farm all day.

Congratulations to Waitrose for introducing their new ’free range food’ policy. We now look to all other major supermarkets to follow this great example!