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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

Dog rescue in Goa

by Zion Jongstra, the Netherlands

Whoopie in GoaWe were traveling through India when at a beach in Goa we met Woopie (a stray dog) who truly became our friend.

He was very sick (mange). After a long internet search we found that IAR was running a dog shelter some 100 kilometers from where we stayed. So we took a taxi and brought him there. We very impressed with the great work you were doing there!

We would have loved to take the dog with us but we were on a long journey traveling from Holland by motorbike and could not take him. So we paid for his treatment and "return journey" and said goodbye to Woopie (very sad moment).

Luckily later on we found some other people whom we told about the dog. They went to the shelter and took Woopie back with them to Germany! So this is one story that ended very happily!