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3Km Kartini Run Back to Nature in Ketapang supports women and the environment

Our team in Ketapang, West Borneo collaborated with Biak Becicak, Ketapang Running Community, in holding a 3km race for women on Sunday, 22 April. This was the first time such an activity had taken place in Ketapang District. The event was held in commemoration of Kartini Day on 21 April and Earth Day on 22 April. The event, called ‘Kartini Run Back To Nature,’ started at Ketapang City mall and attracted more than 200 participants.

Ketapang Regent's wife, Mrs Elizabeth, was present to enjoy the excitement of the event as well as the opening activities. "This event can be a motivation for women in Ketapang to maintain their health and the environment at the same time. Hopefully the event runs successfully and brings benefits to all of us," she said.

In addition to running, thanks to support from IAR Indonesia there were various booths at the event. One of them was our stand with the Pongo Ranger Community which promotes Organic Farming and Plant Stations. 

For the first time, IAR Indonesia and Pongo Rangers Ketapang highlighted the other aspect of our work which focuses not only on orangutan rehabilitation but also on a community empowerment programme through organic farming. This opportunity is also used to educate communities about the importance of using organic products which are beneficial to the environment and to human health.

The concept promotes organic products, as well as environmentally friendly farming systems for the community. “In addition, we also provide education to reduce plastic waste by opening plant stations where people can exchange their plastic bottles for tree seeds. Our hope is that Earth Day is not only celebrated ceremonially, but prompts real action to reduce plastic waste and plant trees,” explained Pongo Ranger Fariz.

Karmele L Sanchez, Director of IAR Indonesia, said that caring for the environment starts in our own homes and is expanded into our daily lives, “so that the lessons about caring for the environment are passed from mothers to children and then to grandchildren and on to future generations," she said.

That is why we have invited the community, and particularly the women in Ketapang, to celebrate our Earth and raise awareness of the importance of being in harmony with nature for the sake of our own health and the sake of the planet. 

The winner of the 3K Kartini Run Back To Nature event won a free holiday to Semarang as well as some other prizes. Chairman of Biak Becicak, Dirga, hoped the activities would act as a catalyst that would spread to all layers of the Ketapang community. "Hopefully the 3K Kartini Run 2018 will be an inspiration, motivation and education to all people, particularly people in Ketapang, because this is the first time in the district of Ketapang where we have combined the fighting spirit of the emancipation of women, sport and a desire to care for the environment," he said.

He added: “Ketapang community remains concerned with human health and the environment, because both are vital ingredients for a better life. The committee hopes this can be a prestigious annual event in Ketapang and more and more parties will become involved in supporting it. We also hope the collaboration between Bikak Becicak and IAR Indonesia will continue from now on and not only be restricted to this event.”