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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world



I have been very fortunate over the years to have been able to perform dentistry work on some of the most incredible animals in the world through my involvement with International Animal Rescue. After being diagnosed with motor neurone disease I have been unable to carry on the work physically but didn’t want this work to stop, so I have decided to set up a veterinary dental fund to enable those animals desperately requiring dental care to have the treatment they need.

The aim of this fund is to provide dental care to animals that have been rescued from sometimes horrendous situations and give them some quality of life, free from pain and infection. Dental disease is often not diagnosed or not seen to be a primary problem but it affects these animals in many more ways than we realise. Through our work over the years treating hundreds of animals with dental problems, we have been able to educate vets we have worked with at various sanctuaries about dental issues in rescued animals and shown them how to treat them. Unfortunately not all of this work can be done by primary care vets and specialist treatment is often required. The aim is that the veterinary dental fund will be a central body which can be approached by recognised animal charities whose animals need dental care and which then has a core of willing, experienced veterinary dentists to carry out this work.

Providing veterinary oral care should be a vital part of every animal’s health care regime and it is our duty to provide the animals in our care with this treatment. Educating animal carers/medics is essential to ensure each animal gets the care it needs. Recognising dental and oral problems is one of the primary aims of the fund. 

Unfortunately specialist veterinary dentistry does require an array of equipment and a specific skill set to treat all the various species - which is why we have set up a fund and would be grateful for any donations received to help animals in this way.

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