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Help us care for JoJo for the rest of his life

JoJo is a remarkable orangutan who holds a very special place in the hearts of everyone at IAR’s orangutan rescue centre. He is the reason we first started our orangutan project back in 2009. The story of his early life still fills our vets with sadness, but it also makes us determined to make the rest of his life as comfortable and contented as possible. 

When our team first saw JoJo, they were truly shocked.  He was painfully thin, his body was hunched over in pain and he had a heartbreaking look of defeat in his eyes. JoJo had been kept chained up on a pallet over a filthy open sewer for eleven years. It is hard to imagine how he survived so long in such appalling conditions.

Originally, our vet Karmele had been called in only to treat JoJo’s wound, and not to rescue him. He offered no resistance when she examined the deep wound caused by the chain around his ankle. It was as if he knew she was there to help him. We were unable to rescue JoJo that day as we had not yet started our orangutan rescue project but it was impossible to walk away and leave him in such misery without vowing to return and save him.

Thanks to wonderful supporters like you, we were eventually able to rescue JoJo and give him the treatment and care he needed. He was the first orangutan we rescued and many more have followed since then. But none in more desperate need than JoJo. 

JoJo was first moved to our small transit centre and then, more recently, to a large airy cage in our new rehabilitation centre in Ketapang. Here JoJo has room to climb and move around. He has a hammock to sleep in and ropes and tyres to swing on. After years of boredom and loneliness, JoJo loves to survey his surroundings from the top of his cage and watch all the activity at the centre. If he can’t see what’s going on he gets very depressed so we keep him in a cage where he can see what’s happening around him. 

Over the years he has grown into a handsome mature male with magnificent cheekpads. 
But sadly, JoJo’s years in captivity have left him with permanent physical damage. His bones are malformed and brittle from malnutrition. JoJo could never fend for himself in the wild. He must rely on us to provide for him for the rest of his life.

Fortunately, JoJo loves problem-solving. We give him lots of challenging enrichment and he spends hours contemplating his plan of action to get to the treat inside the puzzle. He is also a master at nest-building and again will spend hours rearranging every leaf to get it just right before settling down for the night.

We continue to do the very best we can for JoJo. His daily regime includes special medication and food supplements and he is given regular medical checks and blood tests to monitor his health.
We are constantly looking for new ways to keep JoJo happy and prevent him from becoming frustrated in his enclosure.  And the more enrichment we can provide for him, the more contented he is.
By adopting JoJo you will be helping us to keep him as happy, healthy and mentally stimulated as we possibly can. It is the least we can do after all he has been through.

If you would prefer to give a special gift to JoJo rather than adopt him you can make a donation towards his care today.

Thank you.