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Pepper Saving animals from suffering around the world


Pepper was rescued from poachers in 2010, who had snatched him from the wild to sell into the trafficking industry. He might have been destined for China, Nepal or Pakistan. Either way, his life would have been full of fear and pain.

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Bear cubs in India are saved in the nick of time

Taken from Bear cubs in India are saved in the nick of time news | 29th July 2010

Four sloth bear cubs rescued from poachers just as they were about to be smuggled out of India are safe and sound in an IAR-funded sanctuary in Agra. The cubs had a narrow escape: had they not been rescued in the nick of time, they could have ended up as a bowl of bear paw soup in a South East...

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Taken from Pepper Update - July 2014 diary | 8th July 2014

Pepper was rescued in the Spring of 2010 by the anti poaching team of our partners Wildlife SOS. Pepper was rescued from a small village called Badol in Uttar Pradesh. He was a thin and scrawny three-month-old bear weighing only 6.1 kilos at the time of his rescue.Pepper was actually a lucky bear...

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