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Urgent Bear Rescues



We are in desperate need of your support as our Great Bear Rescue project faces an unprecedented emergency situation. As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, restaurants across Armenia have been forced to close down, resulting in the bears being held captive there becoming abandoned and at risk of starving to death.  

We have been inundated with messages from the very restaurant owners we have been trying to reason with for months, giving us permission to now go and rescue the bears. They now serve ‘no purpose’ to the owners as they are no longer able to be used as entertainment for tourists. They have been left without food, unwanted and forgotten.  

We are urgently appealing for donations to cover the costs of these rescues, in addition to preparing the sanctuary to receive an unexpectedly high number of bears being rushed into our care.  In addition to the high costs involved in these emergency rescue operations, our sanctuary is at full capacity.  Before any bears can be rescued, we need to make space for them. The only way to do this is to divide some of the larger enclosures to make space for the new rescues. This is of course only temporary, but we simply cannot leave the bears to suffer alone in the cages where they are currently imprisoned. 

Donate today and help rescue more bears!


One Rescue Down...

One year on after launching our petition, we're delighted to share the incredible news that we have conducted an emergency rescue of a 20-year-old female and her two grown male cubs from Ashtaraki Dzor Restaurant. The bears had been kept imprisoned behind bars living out their entire lives in the small, squalid cages seen below. They suffered years of torment for the gratification of visiting tourists, but as the unprecedented global pandemic forced the restaurant to close its doors, the owners finally surrendered the bears into our care.

We believe there are likely to be at least 40 more bears in need of urgent rescue and we have already been inundated with requests from restaurant owners, wanting to surrender their captive bears. Our rescue centre is close to capacity, so we are now working quickly to expand the facilities - but we can't do this without your help!

Please make a donation today and lets rescue as many bears as we can!

This is an emergency situation, please donate whatever you feel you can give!


could provide the bears with a healthy meal once they reach our rescue centre


could pay for the emergency medical care these bears desperately need after so many years in captivity


could go towards the much needed expansion of the sanctuary

£10/$10/€10 a month

could go towards the costly transportation bill after every rescue

£15/$15/€15 a month

could help us pay the expert vets who attend every rescue

£30/$30/€30 a month

could pay for the ongoing treatment and care these bears desperately need

If you have any problems making a donation, or any queries about your donation and our projects, please email us at [email protected]

​In the event that we are successful in achieving our target for a specific appeal or rescue project, any excess funds from your kind donation will be used by International Animal Rescue to help other animals in similar need.