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Baby Uka Rescued Just in Time

Our team in Borneo has rescued a sick baby orangutan named Uka, who had been kept as a pet in a small dark crate just 1 metre square.  He is estimated to be around two years old and had been taken from the wild after being found all alone on a tree plantation. His mother had probably been killed because she would never have abandoned her baby willingly.

When the team peered into the darkness of his tiny crate, Uka was found standing on a bed of rotten fruit, faeces and urine-soaked rags. It was a heartbreaking sight – a tiny helpless creature with big brown eyes filled with sadness and despair.

Our medical team could see immediately that the little orangutan was in a bad way. Uka was subdued and listless, in spite of the commotion surrounding the rescue team’s arrival.

Please help us provide Uka with the treatment and care he needs!


He was struggling to breathe and looked to be suffering from a respiratory infection. The little primate had a runny nose and watery eyes. 

IAR vet Elisabeth gave Uka a medical check to ensure he was fit enough to travel before he was settled into the transport crate for the journey to our Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Ketapang. She gave Uka fluids to rehydrate him before the rescue vehicle departed.

It seems that Uka is suffering from a flu virus which he may well have caught from the human beings around him. These young primates are extremely susceptible to human diseases. First they suffer the terrible trauma of losing their mothers and being kept in an environment that is extremely stressful for them. Then they are fed on a completely unsuitable diet and exposed to human germs and diseases which are not just dangerous but can prove fatal if left untreated.

Little Uka is now in quarantine and receiving urgent medical treatment and nutritious food to restore his strength. He will remain in quarantine for several weeks until medical checks have confirmed that he is free from contagious diseases.

If we hadn’t rescued him when we did, Uka’s condition could have deteriorated rapidly and even ended in tragedy.  But, he is not out of the woods yet... please help us as we work to restore him to health and help him recover from all the misery he has suffered.

Thank you for whatever you can give today to help us provide the medical treatment and care sad little Uka so desperately needs.