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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

Lisa Milella

International Animal Rescue are extremely lucky to have the skilled support of trustee Lisa Milella, a specialist veterinary dentist who carries out difficult dental surgery on our animalsLisa has performed root canal treatment for our rescued dancing bears in India and slow lorises in Indonesia. Lisa is also responsible for the oral care at our rescued cat centre - Catastrophes Cat Rescue, in East Sussex.

Recently Lisa has worked on two tigers in India with abscesses in their mouths, and a lion. She also worked on Pingky, one of our orphaned orangutans that has diabetes and had a life threatening disease in her mouth. 12 of her teeth were decayed and she had many painful abscesses, which meant Pingky needed some teeth to be extracted. 

Here, Lisa supervises dental treatment for a dancing bear at our Bear Rescue Facility in Bangalaore, India. This bear has had a lower canine extracted, which had a painful abscess.


Here are some more of Lisa's stories:

In November 2005 she worked with dentist Paul Cassar on dancing bears who had had their teeth smashed out by their former owners.

and went back in March 2006 to work on more dancing bears

After our huge rescue of 238 slow lorises in November last year, Lisa gave emergency dental treatment to more than 50 slow lorises who had had their teeth clipped by pet traders